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Zounds! Confound it all, empoeria! I tagged you as a mere formality but could your feeble mind Not grasp it was all part of a larger, more sinister plan??!! This completes our contretemps! Now, take your fell visage elsewhere, knave!

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TV show tag

List your ten favorite TV shows and tag your friends.

@buecherleiben tagged me.

I thought I might have trouble thinking of 10 tv shows I like but let’s just try and see.

1. Twilight Zone
2. Star Trek DS9/TNG/TOS/Voyager
3. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
4. X Files
5. Dr. Who
6. Frontline
7. Nova
8. The Outer Limits
9. Red Dwarf
10. World at War documentary series

I tag digourgrave13, empoeria (though you’ve probably been tagged 8 times already), fvcking-grunge, machtzumsieg, theblankstate, thelistenersfury, And that’s all the urls I can remember at the moment.

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Me trying to do transmission work.

Me trying to do transmission work.

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Reblog if you hurl insults, threats and epithets in a manner befitting an old sci-fi/fantasy villain

I often tell people things like:

Silence, FOOL! Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth!

Begone, mindless whelp! Besmirch my presence no longer!

And if somebody ever wins I tell them:

Well played, adversary, this battle of wits has ended. You have my grudging respect. But rest assured we will meet again!

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